Fabricated parts and piping assemblies
for all aeronautic and spatial applications

Turnover: 4 M€
22 employees
Serres-Castet, 1 hour from Biarritz and 2 hours 30 minutes from Toulouse and Bordeaux

Moyens Techniques & Moyens industriels

Manufacturer of tube assemblies for the European aerospace and space industries, based in the South-West of France.

Dimensional capabilities:

  • All metric and inch tube diameters from 1 m/m up to 76.2 m/m (3’’ max)
  • Length up to 12 metres

End forming capabilities:

  • Flares per MS33584 (37°)
  • 45° metric flares
  • Beads per MS33660 & NSA451.08
  • Harrison, Permaswage and Rynglok swaging
  • MS and ARSAERO crimping
  • Manual TIG welding (160 Amps)
  • CNC orbital TIG welding


  • All types of aluminium
  • All types of stainless steel
  • Inconel and all refractory steels
  • TA6V, T40 and TA3V2.5 Titanium
  • 21-6-9 steel


  • Air underwater testing
  • Hydraulic pressure testing (up to 700 bar)
  • Infrared CMM measuring equipment


  • Solvent free rincing rig class II per NAS1638
  • HIAC 8011++ particle counter; 2µm up to 400 µm probe

Design:  CATIA V5 and  Mock-ups and inspection jigs

Where to find our AD sites ?

Our subsidiaries are spread across France, from the North-East to the South-West. We are also present in Maghreb with plants in Morocco and Tunisia. This allows us to perfectly meet our customers’ expectations.

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