The mechanical engineering expertise of AD Industrie group is expressed in three areas:

  • Aerospace for the production of complex parts (intermediate casing CFM 56-5, …) and equipment (mechanical flight control for ATR 42-72, …)
  • Defence through equipment for weapons systems
  • Energy through the production of components for severe environments.

To satisfy its customers, AD Industry draws on its production sites:

  • Deshors (Brive)
  • Mécalim (Brive)
  • ADI Kalfa (Chevry-Cossigny)

Mechanical engineering is a field of excellence in AD Industrie group from design (CAD via Catia), mechanical calculations (Abaqus, …), allowing the development of equipment for "Built To Spec" as well as "Built To Print" through to its expertise in industrialization (LEAN,

…) and production adapted to its customer requirements.

The control of special processes enables the AD Industrie to offer complex assemblies or equipment ready for installation on aircraft.

The control of the assembly and test phases allows the AD Industrie Group to develop and qualify its equipment. The AD Industrie Group relies on its network of partners and experts in the aviation industry.

AD Industrie support its development through many R & D projects linked to innovative processes and differentiators such as multi drilling of metal walls (several thousands of 0.4mm diameter holes, high pressure processing, …).

AD Industrie has the approvals EN9100, NADCAP (CND, …), from 21 & 145