The AD Industrie Group controls, mainly within its two divisions Deshors ADI and Examéca, expertise in the main processes implemented in the manufacture of complex mechanically-welded parts, from:

  • Cutting parts: (2D and 3D) laser cutting, punching, water jet
  • Forming: folding, drawing, hydroforming
  • Cleaning/stripping: washing or chemical before welding
  • Assembly: TIG, MIG, plasma welding, the installations for which are robotic, spot welding, laser
  • Associated non-destructive testing: radiography, including a robotic installation, penetrant inspection (up to level S4)
  • A type of thermal processing: stress relief under an argon atmosphere
  • Alpha Case stripping for titanium materials

These processes are implemented on a wide variety of materials: aluminium, steels, stainless steel, inconel, titanium.

Finally, AD Industrie is NADCAP qualified for laser cutting processes, welding (all processes), heat treatment and NDT.