To meet the requirements of AD Industrie Group’s management, and therefore our customers, tools are available to projects managers to control risks and create opportunities. Risks relate to deviations (risks relate to initial goals) concerning:

  • Technical performance or quality (P/Q)
  • Costs (C)
  • Lead Times (D)

The project’s scope and objectives are defined in the project pack (management tools are available to the project manager) as well as through the letter of engagement with the project manager.
The project manager is supported by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team in order to successfully complete its works. The expertise of the Group is employed as required. Customers/Partners are requested to have a similar organization so that they know about the responsibilities of each person.
Each project is monitored through a schedule (Gantt type) with particular focus on the critical path.
All projects have milestones (M1: contract review, M2: KoM, M3: PDR M8: End of project review) and passing each milestone is documented (Go/No Go)
Internal reviews and/or with the customer and/or partners are led by the project manager.
A presentation of the results (against objectives) is carried out on a monthly basis to the management team of the ADI Site concerned in order to have a global vision of the project (technical progress, financial, sticking points, vision vs load capacity in coming months, etc.)
Monthly monitoring of NRC with a vision of what needs to be done to complete the project, allows to anticipate the financial aspects (cash requirements, etc.)
Monthly monitoring of developments with QCDR impact can drive the project and to anticipate difficulties, increase the reliability of the RC.

The establishment of specific tools adapted to our businesses, allows project managers to meet QCD requirements of our customers through the management of risk and implement actions creating opportunities for AD Industrie group.