The development strategy, which is based on a product-facing process development, has led AD Industrie to significantly increase its R & D approach over recent years. This innovative approach is a direct response to the growing demand from an industry strongly impacted by performance optimisation in a radically changing environment (Cleansky).

The established products engineering teams on the production sites are particularly active in the following areas:

  • Injection and hydraulics
  • Composites

These activities are organised in the form of projects connected with the main OEM’s, especially engines, or based on academic and institutional collaborative projects on a European and national level.
The goal in each case is to enable the development of more efficient products along with the integration of innovative functions that meet the optimisation required by the aerospace market.
These innovations lead to the integration of technology shifts enabling the AD Industrie Group to consolidate its leadership position and better prepare for future challenges.

Some examples of R&T projects:

    • Vital Programme (FP 7): Carbon intermediate Case
    • Perceval (CORAC)
    • Fan Cone (CORAC)
    • Relief valve (CORAC)
    • Design and simulation of composite fan project
    • Simulation program meeting the challenges of impacts
    • FICOSI Project (Industrial subsidiary for combustion and injection systems)
    • LEMCOTEC Project

The AD Industrie group is positioned as a leading partner for major clients in the aerospace sector. Making ourselves stand out through innovative processes and improving our competitiveness are the key challenges of our development strategy. Investments and R & D work is focused on:

  • Welding processes suitable for the integration of aeronautics
  • Process Automation (competitiveness and quality)
  • Multi drilling metal walls (SILVERCREST combustion chamber) and composite walls (LEAP acoustic panels)
  • High-Pressure Processing
  • Cryogenic machining
  • Some robotic assembly processes (inserts, etc.)
  • Additive layer manufacturing

A dedicated, multi-disciplinary team based at different sites in the AD Industrie group work to meet out customers’ requirements through R & D projects, with quantified competitiveness targets.