• The sheet metal fabrication expertise of AD Industrie Group draws on the experience of its Exameca production site (Pau 64 + 50 years’ experience) and its design office (Exameca Development – Pau).
  • This expertise delivers customer satisfaction through the production of quality parts and complex assemblies such as the combustion chamber of the Silvercrest engine, propulsion nozzles for Turbomeca engines, etc.
  • This expertise is an area of excellence in AD Industrie group due to its management of the design (CAD via Catia) and its mechanical and thermal calculations (Abaqus, etc.), allowing the development of equipment for “Built To Spec” and in “Built To Print” thanks to the expertise in industrialisation (LEAN, etc.) and production (innovative and automated equipment).
  • Controlling assembly & test phases allows the AD Industrie Group to develop and certify its equipment. The AD Industrie Group also relies on its network of partners and experts in the aviation industry to meet all customer requirements.
  • AD Industrie develops this expertise through a number of R & D projects and the acquisition of innovative production processes for example multi laser drilling.
  • AD Industrie are EN9100, NADCAP approved (CND, TIG welding, laser cutting, etching, passivation), PART 21 & 145.

Management of complex supply chains (materials, special processes, low-cost sourcing)