Shift from Process to Product

Key Benefits

  • Specialist brand image
  • Focused communication and commercial roadmap
  • Organisation efficiency and flow simplification (cell)
  • Easier process improvement implementation
  • Dedicated investments
  • More efficient collaborative work with customers (innovation)

An evolution on the value chain reflecting the shift in the business model from a process supplier to a product manufacturer


Strategy : Shift from process to product


Moving up the value chain

Increasing the Group’s end-to-end solutions helping OEMs to:

  • Reduce supply chain complexity
  • Tackle upcoming production ramp-up challenge

Equipment: enhanced co-development and increasing share of niche B-t-S products

  • Fuel nozzles
  • Hydraulic devices
  • Potential development of add-on service business (MRO)
  • Potential M&A targeting new expertise (numerical simulation) and products (mechatronics)

Engines: Build up on Silvercrest recent success to deliver complete assemblies / (sub) modules

  • Enhance co-industrialisation D-t-M process

Become a key influencer of OEMs’ make or buy strategy
Enhance share of value-added products and raise level of barriers to entry

Moving up the value chain